Veronica Fly

Vice President of School Operations - Central Ohio

Veronica Fly has worked in the field of education for nineteen years. Currently, she is the Vice President of Operations in Central Ohio for The Educational Empowerment Group. 

Her educational experiences include teaching Pre-Kindergarten, fifth grade and middle school ELA, and she has spent eight years in education administration. Veronica has worked with students of diverse backgrounds in inner city schools and has experience with private and charter schools. She believes that all children, no matter the demographic from whence they have come, is capable of learning. Moreover, it is the mission of educators to discover the methods of teaching to reach every student.

While teaching, Veronica experienced academic success by moving students from Limited/Basic to Accelerated/Advanced, and as a principal, she moved a school from Academic Emergency to Continuous Improvement. Additionally, she has worked to engage all stakeholders to contribute the success of students. Her mission is to equip students to become productive citizens and affect positive changes in their communities.

Veronica Fly received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Rust College in English Education and Master of Education work at Walden University, with a concentration in Curriculum and Instruction.