Volume 17 | December 2023
EEG News & Updates
The mission of the Educational Empowerment Group is to promote knowledge, wisdom and understanding to all stakeholders that empowers success in our global society.
The vision of the Educational Empowerment Group is to elevate the experience for students and stakeholders by positively changing the landscape of charter school education.
A Message from the CEO
In a blink, we are almost at the midpoint of the school year. As I reflect upon this past year, there is so much to celebrate! I am grateful and blessed to have team members who have partnered with me to impact the lives of students and families. We are the catalyst for a positive shift in inner-city neighborhoods throughout Ohio, and we are forging a profound effect among community schools. We are making a positive imprint together, our team!
With 2024 around the corner, I am filled with exuberance and anticipation of what lies ahead. During your well-deserved winter break, take time to rest, relax and enjoy your families and friends. I wish you a joyful and blessed holiday season!
                                         Wendy Rydarowicz, Founder and CEO
In the Spotlight
“A Building with Four Walls and Tomorrow Inside”
The word tomorrow is indicative of promise, a bright future and a positive outlook. All of these elements epitomize The Bessie Sherrod Price Preparatory Academy located in Columbus, Ohio. Principal, Dr. David Fant and the BSP team are the valuable patches in an educational quilt that yields a beautiful pattern of success. BSP is more than a school; it is a place of promise.
Take a look to discover more about Dr. Fant and The Bessie Sherrod Price Preparatory Academy.
Tell us about your educational journey.
I graduated college in 1988 from The University of South Carolina with a Degree in History. I followed that up with my M.Ed. in Social Studies from Converse College. I began teaching, first as a substitute and then as a teacher in 1992. I received my Ed.S. in Curriculum and Instruction as well as Leadership, also from Converse College in 1997. My Doctorate is from Madison University in 2002.
What motivated you to become and educator?
I come from a long line of educators, but it was not until 9th grade, that I was inspired to become a teacher by my band director. He was both supportive and inspiring. He was able to create a culture of structure, family, and care. These are all attributes that I have tried to transfer into my own tenure as an educator. I hope that over the years, I was able to motivate one student, as my band director motivated me.
What is a little known fact you would like to share about yourself?
I am originally from SC, and I went to school with Darius Rucker from Hootie and the Blowfish.
What is unique about The Bessie Sherrod Price Preparatory Academy (BSP)? What sets the school apart from other Columbus schools?
BSP is a place where everyone has a place. It starts with a family atmosphere where everyone has worth. Our teachers focus on knowing the name of every student in our school, and in turn tells them hello throughout the day. Our school is extraordinary because of the incredible students, parents, community partners and staff who bring it to life each day. Their energy, love and passion are infectious, and we are so grateful for all they do to make us something great.
Explain the culture of BSP. How did you build it?
The culture of BSP is based in structure. Whereas, students may answer to the contrary, they truly value structure. They want to know when and how they are to do things. Once this is in place, you are free to create the culture you desire. In the case of our school, we started by giving the school the feel of home, complete with pictures of the students on the wall. The wall will grow throughout the year and into future. That way, we can always look back and see those who have accomplished greatness. This philosophy creates family. Family helps create structure. Structure creates stability. Stability creates growth.
What programs are offered at BSP?
At BSP, we try to cater to the wants of our students in regards to programs. Presently, we are pleased to have drumline, strings, choir, dance, ballet, chess, dungeons and dragons and reading club. We also have basketball and flag football. We will continue to add programs depending on students’ interests.
What are your biggest accomplishments?
I believe the creation of a team mindset is my biggest accomplishment as an administrator. Along with this, I believe that I am good at creating culture, and setting the tone of a school. This is all based in civility. I believe that civility is contagious. If you are civil to others, they in turn are generally civil to you. I have found that civility and empowerment help create the growth of a school. My team and I were able to give structure and stability to the school, in that we worked at a team. The team philosophy has helped us proceed towards our goal of educating the students in our care.
What are your goals this year?
My goals are rooted in growing our numbers. We have great things going on at our school. We want to share these things with Columbus and the community at large.
What else would you like to share about BSP?
BSP is a family. It is a place you can go and be yourself, despite your differences. We hold high expectations for our students, as well as high expectations for ourselves in the collective. As a family we can grow and excel.
The Bessie Sherrod Price Preparatory Academy is a promising school in Columbus, OH. Dr. Fant and the BSP team are truly making strides to champion a positive trajectory in the lives of the students and the community.
“Family helps create structure. Structure creates stability. Stability creates Growth.” – Dr. David Fant
School News
Making Learning an Experience
What is a school without innovation? It is merely an educational institution. EEG continually fosters an elevated experience that not only champions academic achievement, but also taps into the interests, gifts and talents of every student. We promote a well-rounded, fun educational experience that will create positive memories to last a lifetime. Take a look at some of the of the exciting activities our schools have implemented to Elevate the Experience.
Cincinnati Technology Academy
Cincinnati Technology Academy has been participating in Esports for the past year, and the CTA Bulls, are making waves in the high school Esports arena. This year, the Bulls finished 3rd in the overall conference. Congratulations to Principal Thomas Coats and the CTA Bulls Esports Team! We are proud of your accomplishmenst! GO BULLS!

Riverscape Career Tech High School
Our DOP high schools not only emphasize graduation and workforce development, but also highly engaging learning opportunities to keep students involved. RCT brought environmental science class to life by taking students on a hike at Possum Creek MetroPark. Kinesthetic and relevant lessons contribute to content mastery. It also adds an element of fun, collaboration and camaraderie among students and instructors. This is a great experience for our high school students.
A+ Arts Academy – Fair Campus
Third grade students at A+ Arts Academy Fair Campus are taught valuable life skills through the Guys with Ties Program which exemplifies its motto of “Look good, Feel good, Do good.” A+ is laying a lasting foundation among our young males that will affect them for years to come. They are becoming armed with skills which will foster success in our global society. Kudos to Mr. Drafton and Principal Richard Davis for facilitating this amazing program.
A+ Arts Academy – Napoleon Campus

The Kitchen of Life partnership with A+ Napoleon Campus continues to be a great success. Middle school students are learning cooking and life lessons which align to achievement goals. What a remarkable program for our students! Special thanks to Principal Mary Rosser and our Senior Director of Community Engagement, Partnerships & Marketing, Tracy Carter for their consistency and commitment to excellence.
Main Preparatory Academy

Michelle Trotta, author of the children’s book, Rusty the Raccoon is Scared of the Dark, made a special visit to Main Preparatory Academy and read her book to K-2 students. Our students were highly engaged and participated in a great coloring activity.
Innovation Academy West

Innovation Academy West is actualizing the Innovation in its name by integrating creativity and fun into the learning environment. The students participated in a school Thanksgiving parade and celebrated “Friendsgiving.” These activities promoted positive social interactions among the students.
Castle High School – East Campus
The students of Castle East, in partnership with Project Lift, visited Tee Golf to engage in educational team building activities. Students learned great culinary skills to add to their repertoire. This is an excellent method of breathing life into academic lessons to broaden the students’ perspectives of the overall school experience.
Miami Valley Academies
Miami Valley Academies students facilitated Student Advisories which fosters an environment of collaboration and fun among students. Moreover, priceless relationships are developed. MVA students took pleasure in participating in games, painting, listening to music and creating butterflies, slime and airplanes. This amazing socialization exercise allows students to expand their horizons, discover commonalities among peers, share ideas and develop an appreciation for different points of view, thus contributing to the positive culture established at the school. MVA was featured in the sponsor newsletter for creating this safe space for the students.
The Health Corner
This month’s issue of Live Well, Work Well offers beneficial tips on how to manage stress and a healthy diet during the holidays. Millions suffer with financial stress, and celebratory meals can have an adverse effect on your health. Don’t forget to read this important issue for life changing information.