Dear Educational Empowerment Group Staff and School Families,

The murder of George Floyd and other racially-charged occurrences have prompted anger, fear and grief throughout our nation. We are devastated and disheartened by the acts of violence against the African-American community. We are a family, and we are united in our quest for change.

During these turbulent times, the Educational Empowerment Group endeavors to ensure that exceptional education, inclusion and diversity are represented in all schools. We stand with our students and advocate for equality and respect of all humanity, and we will continue to be dedicated in the promotion of cultural competency and tolerance among staff, students and the community. Moreover, we will exert our efforts to foster the mentality of leadership and hope among students to affect positive change in our communities. 

The Educational Empowerment Group stands on the side of justice, love and acceptance. We will create solution-based strategies to become a catalyst of change. We pledge our commitment to walking hand-in-hand with our families in pursuit of a brighter day.  

Ann Wyant

The Educational Empowerment Group, LLC