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Best in the City Awards
We are very excited to announce that three of our schools are the proud recipients of noteworthy awards in their respective cities. Annually, the Akron, Canton and Youngstown Awards Programs celebrate the accomplishments of businesses that successfully implement programs which result in a positive impact on the communities they serve. It is with great honor that we recognize our school teams for Elevating the Experience and leading with excellence. We applaud your commendable achievement! The award winners are as follows:
Best of Akron Award 2023

Winner: Main Preparatory Academy
Principal: Sally Kari
School Motto: “We Care. We Share. The Future, We Prepare.”
Best of Canton Award 2023
Winner: Beacon Academy
Principal: Cami Lewis
School Motto: “We equip, encourage, and EMPOWER our students to reach their full potential!”
Best of Youngstown Award 2023
Winner: South Side Academy
Principal: Jamie Martin
School Motto:At South Side Academy, Stingers have S.T.Y.L.E. We are Safe, Trustworthy, Yearning for Knowledge, Loyal and Excellent.”