Volume 21 | April 2024
We Elevate charter schools.
We Empower students.
We Emulate research-based practices.
We Engage community stakeholders.
EEG News & Updates
The mission of the Educational Empowerment Group is to promote knowledge, wisdom and understanding to all stakeholders that empowers success in our global society.
The vision of the Educational Empowerment Group is to elevate the experience for students and stakeholders by positively changing the landscape of charter school education.
A Message from the CEO
Did you know that your mindset is your compass? Your thinking determines your direction and how far you will go. Do you have a fixed or growth mindset? Do you cultivate positive or negative thinking? Just as we as adults need to be intentional about our thinking, we must usher our students on an impactful mental journey by fostering a positive outlook to achieve favorable outcomes.
We are one week away from Ohio State Tests, and it is crucial to set a motivational tone to shift the mindsets of our students. They must intrinsically believe that they can grow. Our schools should be the catalysts for encouragement by creating a school wide culture of excitement, and each building’s atmosphere should be symmetric to implemented motivational strategies. Every classroom should reflect enthusiasm for upcoming testing which could contribute to shifting students’ mindsets from dread to reassurance. Consider decorating classrooms and designing bulletin boards to further motivate students and boost encouragement. For additional tips on how to motivate students, read this article.
“How to Motivate Students Before & After Testing”
                               – Wendy Rydarowicz
A Look Back
In April of 2014, a conviction to “do what’s right for kids” manifested at the dining room table of Wendy Rydarowicz. As a former educator, administrator and executive leader for charter school management companies, she determined that she would take strategic, necessary steps to better the lives of students and bolster positive, societal change. Her passion for education, plus her love for children combined to equal the sum of what we call The Educational Empowerment Group which celebrates 10 years of existence!
South Side Academy was the inaugural school in EEG‘s portfolio, and since then, we celebrate the addition of 21 more schools in 27 locations throughout Ohio. EEG currently employs approximately 500 people. Our diverse elementary schools uniquely interweave science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics into instruction. Four of our elementary schools are have a STEAM designation, and more will soon be included. There are exclusive programs which celebrate musicianship, collaboration and unique talents, such as drumline, dance and art.
Our high schools actively infuse workforce development and career exploration with academics to prepare students for success. Currently, we offer Career Technical Education programming which includes but is not limited to Rise Up, STNA, Culinary Arts, Construction, Welding, Electrical, Early Childhood Education and Family and Consumer Sciences. Students are actively graduating from high school with valuable skills to launch them into productive careers.
We have raised the bar by EleVating the Experience through the implementation of the following events and programs:
  • EleVate Education Summit
  • The RCA House System
  • The Amazing Shake Competition
  • Career Exploration Week
  • Community Engagement Partnerships
  • Social and Emotional Learning
  • Empowered Early Learning Academy
EEG maintained a holistic approach to education by providing food, clothing, healthcare, mentorship programs and mental and behavioral supports for students and families.
We are not done yet! We are ever evolving and ever growing, and we will continue integrate innovation into our practices to increase learning, foster well-being and impact communities.
Congratulations to Wendy Rydarowicz and the Educational Empowerment Group for 10 years of servanthood! The best times are ahead!
“But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep…” – Robert Frost
Who’s in the News
EEG Schools Achieve the Momentum Award
The Ohio Department of Education and Workforce recently announced the recipients of the Momentum Award. The Momentum Award lauds schools which exhibited academic improvement and growth, as measured on the State Report Card. Additionally, in order to receive this award, schools must receive a value-added progress rating of 4 or more stars.
Congratulations to Bridge Gate Community School, Cincinnati Achievement Academy and Main Prep Academy for earning this prestigious award. We are extremely proud of your achievements! Kudos to Principals Randall Printup, Zena Vaughn and Sally Kari!
Career Exploration Day
The Culinary Arts students at Akron Career Tech High School and The Steel Academy combined for a memorable experience on Career Exploration Day. The students were treated to a first class experience with Executive Chef Todd Whitman. Chef Whitman shared his remarkable story of resilience and provided decadent creme brulee for dessert. Chef Whitman currently works with The Sérénité Restaurant & Culinary Institute in Medina, Ohio which is a non-profit organization that works in collaboration with the Recovery Center of Medina County. Their mission focuses on culinary training for students who are recovering from addiction.
For more details, click the link below.
The MVA Amazing Shake Competition
Miami Valley Academies recently held its 2nd Annual Amazing Shake Competition. Students advanced through case-scenario simulations while demonstrating professionalism and poise to handle challenges. These elite students were judged by staff and local business leaders, and a winner was chosen to advance to the State competition which will be held at Riverscape Career Tech High School in Dayton, OH on May 1. Congratulations to Ashton Davis, who achieved this feat for the second year in a row. He will join district champions from each school in the EEG network and compete for the State Championship. MVA was featured in the ERCO Express, the school sponsor’s newsletter for this competition! Congratulations, MVA!
CASTLE East in the News
Congratulations to Castle High School East Campus for its feature in the ERCO Express. This school continues to epitomize innovation and leadership through urban agriculture and other innovative programs. The school aspires to add an aquaponics program to its list of CTE pathways, and they are well on the way. Their partnership with Rid All Green is assisting with the accomplishment of this goal. Castle East is preparing students for the future and offering support along the way.
Empowered Early Learning Academy – Canton
Empowered Early Learning Academy (EELA) is standing out among Preschools. The Canton Campus joins the Akron location in achieving the 5-Star Step Up to Quality Award. EELA programming, along with its creative instructional approach, continues to provide a foundation for academic success for students ages 3-5. We are proud of our dedicated and hardworking EELA team!
The Health Corner
Take a Walk
How often do you take a stroll? Did you know that walking improves your health? Walking can improve your heart, decrease blood pressure and prove to be advantageous for those with type 2 diabetes. The April issue of Live Well, Work Well highlights the physical and mental benefits of walking, provides tips for managing allergies and shares 2024’s best diet. Click the link below for details.