ann wyant

Director of Human Resources

Ann joins the EEG team as the Manager of Student Services and Human Resources. She brings with her a multitude of experiences as she has served in variety of capacities in her years in education. Ann’s expertise in working in education ranges from working with special education students in a one-on-one capacity to being a school office manager and ensuring all student records are in accordance with state regulations. She embraces a culture of high academic and behavior expectations and seeks to ensure that all staff members are supported in their academic efforts. Ann’s previous experience working as a bank manager has provided her with the skill set that is required in the educational setting in regards to compliance operations, student and staff file management, and being the liaison between school and family. All of these qualities encompass Ann’s drive and passion for ensuring accurate, efficient, and maintenance of her daily job responsibilities. She strives to diversify her educational goals by continuing to expand her knowledge in all facets in the educational setting. Ann seeks to continue to inspire students in all aspects of their lives and her greatest goal is to be a supportive role model for students as well as her colleagues. She believes that the power of an empowered and devoted staff transcends positively into the classroom and can help to build a connection between school, community, and life-long education.